Many people are very interested in extraterrestrial intelligence, but know that the aliens coming to earth are not only likely to be ET, but more likely to be trisolarans. When we finally find other intelligent beings in the universe, no one knows exactly how this encounter will be.

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  "As a race, if you don't have the strength, if you don't have the level, you're going to be bullied forever. This is the time to rapidly develop our capabilities, technological capabilities, and interplanetary exploration capabilities. At the time of the encounter, our technology is not backward, and should be even leading. Only in this way can we be qualified to talk about whether it is peace or war.

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  plus, the earth is not always safe. The sun, as the universe evolves, will turn into a red giant four or five billion years from now. Manned space flight must find us a second home for humanity, and the problem is related to each of our descendants.

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  Manned spaceflight is actually buying a ticket for the whole human beings and a ticket for the Chinese nation. Only with this ticket can our Chinese civilization last.

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  Space researchers work day and night not for the well-being of this generation, but for the well-being of our children.

  These astronauts are respected not because they are people who have gone to heaven, but because they put their lives out to make way for the space industry, and use their lives to promote all mankind, for the scientific and technological progress of the Chinese nation.