If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a major ice cream kick this summer. And I’ve been wearing my poor ice cream maker down! He’s exhausted, so I let him take a nap in the cupboard. And honestly, if I have to separate another egg, I’m going to crack (no pun intended) hong thai travel.

I have kind of a problem when it comes to Oreos. I love from-scratch desserts, but put a package of Oreos in front of me? It’s a done deal. I’ll be scraping black gunk out of my teeth for a week. I like to dunk each cookie into a big glass of milk, wait for it to stop bubbling and feel the cookie start to give way between my fingers, then eat the soft, soggy thing in one bite. If I’m at my parents’ house and there happens to be coffee left in the carafe, I’ll opt for that as a dunking solution. Anyone else a coffee & Oreos fan?

Since I love Oreos, I find Cookies & Cream ice cream to be one of the simplest pleasures in life. It has been knocked down a few rungs on my list of favorite ice cream flavors, but only because I’ve discovered so many more options. As a kid, it was always a debate between Cookies & Cream or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Just put cookies in my ice cream, already hong thai travel!

This ice cream totally blows my mind with its simplicity. It has literally 4 ingredients. F-O-U-R! I could have gotten all intense and made my own chocolate wafer cookies to put into it, but I demand to be cut slack because I was 37 weeks pregnant at the time I made this recipe, and waddling back and forth across the kitchen was getting pretty tiring. Besides, if Oreos are good enough for Tegan & Sara, they’re good enough for me. (Really, I don’t need Tegan & Sara’s endorsement, but it certainly doesn’t hurt because they are talented as all get out, and I also maybe have a crush on Tegan a little bit.)

This ice cream was so quick and easy to put together, I might be experimenting with other no-churn ice cream mix-ins during my maternity leave, because I sure as hell am not baking anything while I’m learning to take care of a newborn. But I do imagine that copious amounts of ice cream are required to handle the stress of becoming a parent hong thai travel.


I was shocked when trying this ice cream for the first time because the flavor is so herbal and not at all like the mint ice cream you get in stores. When I strained out the mint, the scent was super pungent and I had my doubts. The mint mellowed out a little as it froze and allowed some of the honey flavor to come through, thankfully Floor Stand.

Gosh. Then my husband and I topped it with dark chocolate shavings. Not necessary. It’s good with or without. I didn’t want to put chocolate into the ice cream because I don’t always want that, okay? Don’t look at me like that, chocolate !

Seriously, fresh mint blows artificial mint flavor out of the water. I wanted a strong mint flavor, because I don’t do moderation, so I steeped it in the milk overnight after cooking. If you want a more mild mint flavor because you’re weak, you can take the mint leaves out before chilling the milk cristal champagne.

Your mint ice cream will probably taste different than mine, depending what mint you have consuming your garden (seriously, that stuff takes over). I’m no mint expert, but I think I used a mix of apple and pineapple mint. Maybe you gardening gurus can identify it by my pictures. You smarties.

Today is Memorial Day, so I’ll be spending it with family and Food. (Yeah, me and Food hangsies. It’s whatever.) I hope you all have a wonderful ice cream filled holiday solar motor!