I was shocked when trying this ice cream for the first time because the flavor is so herbal and not at all like the mint ice cream you get in stores. When I strained out the mint, the scent was super pungent and I had my doubts. The mint mellowed out a little as it froze and allowed some of the honey flavor to come through, thankfully Floor Stand.

Gosh. Then my husband and I topped it with dark chocolate shavings. Not necessary. It’s good with or without. I didn’t want to put chocolate into the ice cream because I don’t always want that, okay? Don’t look at me like that, chocolate !

Seriously, fresh mint blows artificial mint flavor out of the water. I wanted a strong mint flavor, because I don’t do moderation, so I steeped it in the milk overnight after cooking. If you want a more mild mint flavor because you’re weak, you can take the mint leaves out before chilling the milk cristal champagne.

Your mint ice cream will probably taste different than mine, depending what mint you have consuming your garden (seriously, that stuff takes over). I’m no mint expert, but I think I used a mix of apple and pineapple mint. Maybe you gardening gurus can identify it by my pictures. You smarties.

Today is Memorial Day, so I’ll be spending it with family and Food. (Yeah, me and Food hangsies. It’s whatever.) I hope you all have a wonderful ice cream filled holiday solar motor!